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Why Use A Classical Curriculum?

What is the Classical Curriculum? It is a curriculum for a Classical Education, which is based upon the classics of the Western Canon and includes the study of Latin, German, French, etc.

Thinking people know that products of a classical curriculum do better on the SAT, in college, and in life. If you look at the greatest minds of the past 1,000 years, you will quickly discover that they all are products of a classical curriculum, graduates of which excel in the humanities, arts, sciences, law and medicine.

Schools of "education," and as a result most primary and secondary schools, have replaced substantive curricula with pop-psychology, and serious subject matters with politically correct fluff. As a result, students are left with inadequate language skills, poor reasoning, a vacuous historical understanding, and are culturally illiterate.

The Classical Curriculum is different. It not only teaches a student how to think and reason critically, but also provides a substantive base of knowledge, resulting in a well-rounded, culturally literate individual.   For example, studies show that detailed knowledge of Latin not only augments a student's vocabulary by at least 30,000 words (more than any other foreign language is able), but also refines his English grammar, sharpens his reasoning skills, and gives him a deeper appreciation of the Western Canon.

The results of such a program really do speak for themselves, which is why so many parent educators and preparatory schools have returned to the classical curriculum.


Resources on Classical Education: “What is Classical Education? (read this),” President Calvin Coolidge: “In Defense of Classical Education.” John Train: “A Classical Education.” Livingstone: “Defense of Classical Education.”


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